Tourist travel, after which there will be vivid impressions

Tourist travel, after which there will be vivid impressions

Tourism is some kind of trips that we make every year to any places that attract us with its architecture, history, mentality and, ultimately, the atmosphere prevailing there.

We begin our journey with such a wonderful and beautiful city as St. Petersburg, filled not only with water channels flowing down from Niva, but also with numerous museums that have received world vocation and become the main attractions of the city.

The Fontanka River runs along the entire city, as if washing away all the grayness and sadness of the people living there. The construction of canals took many years of overwork, worth living, yet they know and understand the fact that Peter is built on a swamp.

Nested in the city of life, indeed, made the city a great place for the prosperity of tourism. But St. Petersburg surprises both with its beauty and history, because the city was the second capital in which a revolution took place, pulling many riots to other cities of our wonderful country of Russia.
As is known, the city has a federal significance directly, as Moscow and the second capital have been renamed several times. At the beginning, when Peter the Great only justified the land, significant as military cover from the Swedes, the city received the name "St. Petersburg".

Before the outbreak of the First World War, when Russia entered the war with Germany, the center received another name "Petrograd". After the revolution, the name was changed to "Leningrad" until 1991. In the megalopolis, namely in his heart, there are museums such as the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, which are the property of the whole country, houses of writers, poets, playwrights and other famous personalities who have won public attention.

Next, we will be transferred to France, the second place we visit will be Paris, luring its extraordinary appearance, mentality and unrealistically beautiful views. Paris, as is known, is the most visited tourist city, everyone dreamed to get into. The French capital is famous for romance, politeness, beauty of the language.
Residents maintain their moral values, speaking decently, which adds intelligence to the whole country. The popular tower, called the Eiffel Tower, became a symbol of the capital, erected in honor of the French Revolution and became a place for tourist excursions.

From the center of the metropolis, from the open window of the old house, restored after the Second World War, you can see the magnificent architecture, numerous temples filled with Catholic presence, many exhibitions of paintings, etc.

Many books that we read in childhood, for example, “The Mysterious Island” was written by a classic of French literature, Jules Verne, who made a huge contribution to world education, who had followers all over the globe. This is where our journey ends.

See you again!

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30.01.2019 (14:20)